Plaza la Cantera, 13, 11520 Rota, Cádiz


FasTfood?? fastGood!!






Riccota and pears salad. 8,00€
«Liquid riccota, confit pears, gorgonzola, Tintilla (Xerry wine) reduction and nuts» (7,10,14)

Cesar by Little John. 7,50€

«Lettuce buds, our Cesar sauce, chicken, toasted bread flakes and Parmesan cheese» (2,4,5,7,14)


 Chicken wings in red mojo. 4.80€
«Roasted chicken wings baked with red mojo emulsion» (4)

Garlic bread Artesa. 6.00€
«Sourdough focaccia with mozzarella butter, garlic and parsley» (1,2,7)

Nachos with fried eggs. 9,50€
«Gratin with a selection of cheeses and vegetables from Rota» (1,4,7)

BBQ ribs. 10,00€
«BBQ ribs with our mashed potatoes» (1,9)

Aros de cebolla. 6,00€

«Rebozados con Dips by LittleJohn» (2,4,7,14)

Potatoes by Little John. 8.50€

«With bacon and our cheddar sauce» (7)
(Among the ingredients of the cheddar sauce we use turmeric for its digestive benefits, flavor, and as a natural coloring, your fingers may get tinted! QUIET IT IS NATURAL, after a couple of hand washes it goes away!)

Mac & Cheese & Bacon. 9,50€

«Radiatori pasta with our cheese and bacon sauce» (2,7,9)


We receive the bread every morning, Daniel Ramos from “La Cremita” is our baker and he has created breads thinking about our sandwiches and sandwiches.
All our ingredients, cared for, artisans, pampered and cooked here, WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES.

Philadelphia cheesesteak by LittleJohn. 9,50€

«Kissed bread, veal cheeks, sauerkraut and cheddar» (2,4,7,13,14)

Our Cuban. € 9.50
«Low temperature suckling pig, Swiss cheese, gherkin and mustard» (2,7,9)

Sloopy Joe By LittleJohn. 9,50€
«Pork minced and cooked with our tomato sauce and spices with a touch of LittleJohn Barbecue Sauce, and melted San Simon cheese.»(1,2,4,7,9)

Po’Boy by LittleJohn. 9,90€
Brioche bread, prawns (rolled and grilled shrimp tail) with juice from their heads, fresh tomato, onion and coriander» (2,3,4,7)» (2,3,4,7)

Side Dishes

Fries.  2,00€

Sweet potato fries. 2,50€ 

LittleJohn Mashed Potato. € 2.50 


We receive the bread every morning, Daniel Ramos from "La Cremita" is our baker and he has designed a brioche especially for us.
All the burgers are made daily and shaped just before cooking

Raclette. 9,90€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our Veal, raclette cheese, bacon, onion and grilled mushroom jam» (2,4,7)

Gorgonzola. 9,50€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our veal, gorgonzola cheese, blueberry jam, red onion and fresh tomato» (2,4,7)

Scamorza. 9,90€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our Veal meat, scamorza cheese and pulled cochi» (1,2,4,7,9)

Monterrey. 9,50€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our Veal, grilled egg, bacon, Jack Monterrey cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce and grilled onion» (2,4,7)

Little John. 9,30€
«Brioche Bread, 170 grams of our Veal meatqueso cheddar, beicon, tomate fresco, cebolla, pepinillo, kétchup y mostaza» (1,2,4,7,9)

Big Little John. 15,50€

«Brioche bread, double veal, double cheddar, double bacon, double fresh tomato, double onion, double pickle, ketchup and mustard» (1,2,4,7,9)

CrunchChiken LJB. 10,75€
«Brioche bread, 180 grams of fried country chicken breast with our batter, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and MayoKimchy» (2,4,7,14)

Vegetarian € 10.90
«Brioche bread, BEYOND MEAT-BEYOND BURGER, vegetables of the day, guacamole, fresh tomato, vegan mozzarella, onion and lettuce» (2,4,7,13)

Trufata Camenbert. 12,50€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our Veal, Camembert, field fried egg and truffle emulsion
» (2,4,7,14)

Provoleta burger. 12,50€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our veal, provolone, pistache and parmesan pesto, candied Cherry tomato» (2,4,7,10,11,12)

The pig. € 9.90
«Brioche bread, two 80 gram smash pork (thinly pressed) with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and our cheddar sauce» (1,2,4,7,9)
(Among the ingredients of the cheddar sauce we use turmeric for its digestive benefits, flavor, and as a natural coloring, your fingers may get tinted! QUIET IT IS NATURAL, after a couple of hand washes it goes away!)

THE BIG MAMA. 15,50€
«Brioche bread, three 80 gram smash pork meats (thinly pressed) with double cheddar cheese, double crispy bacon, our cheddar sauce and fried country egg» (1,2,4,7,9)
(Among the ingredients of the cheddar sauce we use turmeric for its digestive benefits, flavor, and as a natural coloring, your fingers may get tinted! QUIET IT IS NATURAL, after a couple of hand washes it goes away!)

Of spring. 11.50€
«Brioche bread, 170 grams of our Veal meat, fried San Simón cheese, our tomato sauce and arugula» (2,4,7,14)



Brownie. 6,00€
«Chocolate and walnuts with chocolate ice cream and peanut buttere» (2,4,7,10,11)

Cheese cake by Little John. 6,00€
«Crumble, butter, blueberry preserve and liquid cream cheese» (2,4,7)

Milk with Cookies (Snickers Edition) by Little John. 7.75€
"Milk with Cookies (Snickers Edition)" (2,4,7)

Blondie by Little John. 6,00€
«White chocolate and pistachio with vanilla ice cream pecan praline» (2,4,7,10,11)

Happy Birthay LittleJohn!!. 5,00€
«Chocolate and Biscuit Cake, biscuit and chocolate, grandmother's cake. The same. My favorite cake »(2,4,7,10,11)



Fingers Chicken Kid. 6,00€
«Chicken nuggets with fries» (2,4,7)

Pasta Napolitana. 6,00€
«Pasta cooked at the moment with homemade bolognese» (2,4,7)

Kid Burger. 6,00€
«Brioche bun, beef burger, cheese and fries» (2,4,7)



1. Celery / 2. Contains gluten / 3. Crustaceans / 4. Egg / 5. Fish / 6. Lupins / 7. Dairy / 8. Mollusks / 9. Mustard / 10. Nuts / 11. Peanuts / 12. Grains Sesame / 13. Soybean / 14. Sulfur dioxide and sulphites


My intention with this wine list is to get all types of customers familiarized with wine. These are wines that I start-ed sampling and ended drinking and enjoying. This is my objective. Sharing with you the same wines that I share with my family and friends. That has been my inspiration. You are holding a dynamic wine list. It will grow and decrease along each meal service. A good number of our wines come from small producers and our wine cellar is limited. If one of the references is unavailable, we will substitute it by one that will provide that same experience. Behind this simple wine list there is a lot of work that starts in 2010. I take this opportunity to thank all the colleagues and wine growers with whom I have shared my work since then. All that has made be become who I am now. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do


Albariño Albamar 2019, Cambados, Rías Baixas

saline and refreshing from vieyards planted on the Northern Atlantic shorentico.


Vino Atlántico 2018, de Península Vinicultores

delightful chacolí originated in a garden planted on a grenn and wet basque hillside. Wouldn’t you wish to be there ?

Basa 2018, Verdejo

Basa is one of the pioneer wines in showing the expression of a variety of grape, the "Verdejo" that, adapted to a continental climate, gives rise to a direct, fresh wine.
Basa, contigo empezo TODO.
15,00€  (2,90€ copa)

Ariyanas Blanco 2018, de Bentomiz

powerful, deep and evocative. A fantastic balance between sophistication and drinkability extracted from the rocky mountains in Malaga.

Beberás de la Copa de tu Hermana, de Filoxera & Cía.

this wine from Valencia combines White and red grapes. Slow maceration and mixed aging in steel and wood containers. Creamy and bakerylike, as in our childhood bakeries.

LaLume 2017

Aging white wine of one of the emblematic varieties of the D.O. Ribeiro, the Treixadura. The essence of the freshness and unctuousness of the ribeiros aged in wood. Delicious

C· El Muelle de Olaso, de Luís Pérez

can a white Palomino wine match with a hamburger, sandwich, salad, ribs and even a brownie? Yes, it CAN.

C· Blanco de Hornillo, de Viña La Callejuela

the white wine at the entrance of the Blanco Bross winery. It is some delicious wine from Sanlucar that not only matches well some fried fish. Refreshing, saline and flowery.

Gewurztraminer Metzig, de René Kientz & Fills

Alsacia has been both German and French for centuries, that is why this white wine with a difficult name has such voluptuous and exotic fragrances; omething closely related to the area… Great balance with good acidity. Good for exotic or spicy meals.

Federico Shatz Chardonnay 2019

wine from Malaga that aging has made wiser. Awsome. Blue and white flowers, some of them withered; hazels and marzipan; toasted hints. And some tropical fruit.


Santiago Ruiz 2019, Rías Baixas

O Rosal style from Galicia. At first it was clean and fruity, with a lot of apples and pears. I decided to get ahold of some bottles a few years ago, because I felt it needed some rest. I opened not too long ago. The wine had become more powerful, some withered flowers. Mint and anise are still present. Mineral hints prevail. The wine has grown maturity. Sometimes infanticides are committed.

La Chalada Blanco Semidulce natural 2019

Sanity is nothing more than knowing how to show your madness
Maximum respect for the varietal typicity 100% Verdejo Semidulce
very fresh natural, acidity, sugar and alcohol balance. Pure fruit.
17,00€ (2,70 € copa)


La Galaxia, Fento Wines

some wonderful rosé that Eulogio Pomares (known as the Sisangandara wizard) makes in the winery by Alvaro Castro (a really nice Portuguese) in the Portuguese region with Alvarinho, Alfrocheiro and Braga grapes. And yes, it was all planned.
17,00€ (3,20€ copa)

Pardas Rosado

Mediterranean and juicy. The Sumoll grape is Ramon’s favorite toy. He does his best with the very few grapes the wild boars in his fields leave him to make wine.

C· Forlong Rosado

in our opinion, it is the best rosé from Cadiz (someone says it is the best wine in the winery…).


Pinot Noir! Modern style, which we love for its excellent acidity, volume and flashes of red fruit.
A pale salmon color for hints of red and tropical fruit, subtle vanilla.
Intense, with good volume, with a milky finish present, a strawberry danup!


Quite 2018, Verónica Ortega

Very sincere Mencia from el Bierzo made by a great person from Cadiz who grew professionally in France. Of cour-se, you want to taste it!

Sentada sobre la Bestia 2017, de Filoxera & Cía.

Mediterranean and juicy. Not a lot of preserves and alcohol. Like putting your feet in cold water on a hot day.

La mujer caballo azul 2018, de Filoxera & Cía.

a hugh wine made with one rare grape (Arco). Recovered for our enjoyment by the same people who make the Bestia. High standing. Delightful.

ARIYANAS tinto 2018, de Bentomiz

structured and very spicy, that is, powerful and with reminiscence of bushes, wild herbs and pepper. Very drin-kable. Great gastronomic possibilities.

NatCool Viña Zorzal

NatCool is a concept created by the most popular winemaker in Portugal, Dirk Nieeport. This edition was made by the Sanz brothers, from Viña Zorzal and the Argentinian Matia Michelini. Out of all this, we get a long drink wine in a 1 lotre bottle. Its label says, “DO NOT TASTE IT, JUST DRINK IT!

Las Gravas

my favorite wine from Casa Castillo, made with Monastrell from the mountains. Very Mediterranean; refreshing and smooth.

Kalkstein, de Claus Preisinger

In Austria, Claus makes natural wines, led by biodynamic viticulture and such. This wine has all of that, good berries (dark red), spice, herbs, dark chocolate, length and acidity. To never stop drinking it.

Roboul 2017, Roussillon, Francia

Grenache and Monestrell. Biodinamic, too. Flowers and Mediterranean herbs. Elegant, smooth and subtle tan-nin. “Refreshing, vivacious and complex” (my importer’s words). Danjou Banessy is one of most fortunate disco-veries.

Beaujolais Village, de Thevenet, Morgon, Francia

Gamay from good vineyards in one of the most wanted cru from the French Beaujalois. Don Antoine, pupil of our greatly admired Jean Foillard, shows promise.

Laderas, de Bodegas Badiola, Rioja Alta

easy-to-drink wine from La Rioja.


 Tempranillo from the best Cenicero vineyards, balanced and great persistence. As I like the ocher and tile color. The old rockers never die.


Perro Gato Ratón 2016

Ribera del Duero, with a lot of Tempranillo and some white varieties. 1 year and 2 months with wood
Intense, red fruit, cherries and currants, smooth but remarkable wine, with body and weight.


Vino de Montaña, de Península Vinicultores

Do you know the idea about harvesting grapes from different vineyards, from different areas separated by dozens of kilometers and then you blend the grapes and make a magnificent wine? Well, this wine is one of them, a field blend that joins the mountains of Gata, Caceres and Gredos, Avila.
18,00€ (3,50 € copa)

Refugallo 2015

Galician from the Ribera Sacra, Mencía, Brancellao, Mouratón and Garnacha Tinta, lees and wood. Fresh red and black fruit, cocoa, and roasted coffee.
How easy it is to drink!
From some french fries to a salad, and of course through our Burgers & things, how easy it is to make wines like this!

Milú 2019, de Quinta Milú, Ribera del Duero, Burgos

Milu takes his name after the son of the son of the winery owner, German. German is the father of both Milus, the son and the wine, as well as he is an essential personality for the Spanish wine, or that is our opinion. And Milu, the wine, is, too.

Súper Héroe 2015/2016, de XL Sebio, Ribeiro

in 2019 this was the wine that I enjoyed the most. It would be unfair not to include it. I think it is essential in Little John. Galician and gorgeous.

Ultreia Saint Jacques 2018, Bierzo

a tribute for life, rich and smooth. We are so lucky to have you. Best of lucks, Raul.

Federico Shatz Acinipo 2014

from the low hills in Ronda. What does that mean? Bay leaves, thyme, oregano, … and suddenly blackcurrant and cherries! Vigorous, refined and elegant.

Alonso del Hierro 2015

silky Ribera del Duero. Ripe fruit. Long. I love it. I have discovered that it can work with everything and even by itself. Why not?

Románico 2017, Toro

a Toro wine with red Toro grape. Fruit, fruit and even more fruit. Eloquent, straightforward and some really good value for money. And by Eguren.
18,00€ (3,30€ Copa)

El nómada 2016

Tempranillo and Graciano. Caramel and fruit ... wine with volume, powerful, full of aromas of ripe red fruit, and fresh, very fresh mentholated and ripe, reminiscences of the vanilla of the coffee and a mineral note. Delicious.
22,00€ (3,80€ Copa)

El Puntido 2014, Rioja

earthy juice with Tempranillo grape. Fine woods. I start getting memories of home food with exotic spice. A rocket!

Viña Cubillo 2011, Rioja

What an experience is drinking a classic wine from time to time! From Rioja Alta, by Lopez Heredia. Refreshing, licorice, wild red berries, skin of citric fruit; consistent and persistent. Awesome!


It is a wine made from an autochthonous and minority grape from Cádiz. Tintilla de Rota was raised in clay jars. Fresh red fruit, albariza chalk. Balsamic, expressive and deep. The red fruit stands out, with Mediterranean touches such as rosemary and thyme. Memories of cinnamon, pepper and chamomile. Chalk background reminiscent of albariza.
Live and very sharp. Tasty tannins and marked salinity.
Balsamic, expressive and deep. Cinnamon, pepper and chamomile. Chalk background reminiscent of albariza.


Town wine, from Rota, an autochthonous variety that Bodegas Luis Pérez has bet on since its founding in 2002. The smoothness and elegance of this breed make El Triángulo a very gastronomic and versatile wine. Spicy, black pepper, hints of blackberry and cherries. Soft, fresh and good acidity that cleanses the mouth.


From the Aguilera, from Burgos, from the Ribera del Duero. Although dominated by Tempranillo, this wine also has other varieties, Garnacha, Bobal and Tempranillo gris. All of them are vinified together to achieve a more faithful expression of their terroirs of origin. It is tasty, spicy and with vibrant acidity. Ripe fruit, violet and mineral caramel… pure cold rock.
Vino para darle vida y que fluya rápido en la copa!


C· Forlong Burbujas

we believe it is the coolest sparkling wine in Cadiz. Nobody makes such good-taste bubbles at the South of this country.

Pur Meunier Brut Nature/Extra Brut, de Christophe Mignon

champagne from a fantastic vineyard suitable for everyone (blanc de noir).

R. Pouillon Les Terres Froides

very tasty with a more classical profile and all Chardonnay (blanc de blanc).

Clos Lentiscus Pet´ Nat´ Gentlemant Malvasía

follows the particular style of the producer. It is rustic in the ancestral a very fun to drink.

Clos Lentiscus Sumoll reserva de familia

again, a blanc de noir that I believe to be brutal on the table.

Brut Nature reserva Casa Mariol

great to start and why not to continue, very chameleonic.

Tantum Ergo Rose 2017

Little Pinot Noir bubbles very refined. I am not sure if you drink or eat some cherry and vanilla cake. And, do you know what? Super balanced and long, really long.

Sidras de Eric Bordelet

I am a Bordelet fan, both in brut and sweet. It allows you to drink well and tasty with little alcohol content. Cider with the soul of a wine or wine with the soul of a cider. Sidre Tendre (apple) y Sidre Poire (pear).
18,00€ (apple) 21,00€ (pear)


This Brut Premier is the result of the union of 4 different vintages. Between 8% and 25% of the set comes from Reserve wines. A solution that was thought as a result of the destruction of vineyards during World War I, where a vintage champagne was impossible. A classic sparkling wine, for us one of the best champagnes in the world
White fruit and nuts, citrus and yeast, toasted, flowers and pastries.
55,00€ (bottle) 8,00€ (glass)


Louis Roederer Rose follows the elegant style, accompanied by a sensation of maturity and freshness, that characterizes the maison's sparkling wines.
Golden rose, soft tickling, lovely crown.
Fleshy shows all its crisp, creamy ripeness and mineral freshness at the same time.
What does it work with? ... WITH EVERYTHING, DON'T GET HARD.
Enjoy it.
85,00€ (bottle)

Sherry Wines

Fino Pando

fine wine to get to know the folklore in the area. Five years under flower veil. A Xerry wine with Palomino grape, high-quality, complex and mature.
1,80€ (copa)

Fino en Rama Urium

Bright, sharp and delicate, almond to grass ...
are you kneading bread?
Very dry but very fresh, with structure and muscle. SHERRY.
3,00€ (copa)

Manzanilla en rama Callejuela

tastiness from Sanlucar, saline, force and personality.
3,50€ (copa)

Manzanilla en RAMA Urium

Delicate, sea, chamomile ...
estáis horneando pan? Suave, ligero y punzante, vertical paso en la boca salado y duradero.
3,00€ (copa)

Palo Cortado Clásico Mons Urium

We get serious ...
Aged for more than 30 years, Salt, old furniture, wax, nuts, orange jam, leather, tobacco notes, long and powerful.
7,00€ (copa)

Pedro Ximenez Clásico Mons Urium

More than 30 years in boots.
It could be a dessert in itself, and it is ... although it goes well with chocolate, cheese, even acid desserts and life.
7,00€ (copa)

Tintilla de Rota Noble Reserva Bodegas El Gato

Woods, caramel, toffee and very honeyed dried figs, bay leaf, eucalyptus and rosemary! Acid, salty and sweet, a cool one!
Something bitter and a very long finish ... that Juanola pill!
5,00€ (copa)

Amontillado Origen, Callejuela

around twelve years that taste like a twelve-year-old amontillado. Intensity with no excess. Oxidation and com-plexity.
4,00€ (copa)

Amontillado Fossi

the same as the one before, but made in Chiclana. In my opinion, it is the perfect wine for … the perfect wine.
3,00€ (copa)

Oloroso El Maestro Sierra

I always choose this oloroso wine when I have to pick one. And the same way I believe that the amontillado wine must be from Sanlucar, the typically inland styles must be from Jerez: wider bouquet, rounder, powerful.
5,00€ (copa)

Oloroso Clásico Mons Urium

Powerful and complex, dried fruits such as walnuts, tobacco and truffles
A show with the Burgers!
Con el Philly… INCREÍBLE.
6,00€ (copa)

Cream Piñero

I would tell you that the old cream by Piñero is the best choice, but the one by Callejuela (new and limited pro-duction) can be compared to it.
4,00€ (copa)

Cream El maestro Sierra

An elegant seducer, everything in its proper measure, knows how to be, and knows how to leave. Master Sierra how much you have to teach us from your winery. Fig Sweet but not too dry but not too dry. Never is enough.
3,50€ (copa)

Extra Ball

La Rubia de Rizos

Belgian Blond Ale beer made by XL Sebio in Ribeiro (the one from Coto de Gomariz and the author of Super Heroe, Salvaxe, Wish, etc) with spring water, wheat, barley and selected hops, high fermentation and second fermenta-tion in the bottle. It is a beer to have a meal and share with friends (it comes in a 75cl. bottle) and for wine lovers, since it is full bodied and structured.

Vermut Casa Mariol

right amount of bitterness to lighten the sugar. A very cool vermouth.
3,00€ (copa)

Kombucha Soul K Season´s Best by Little John

natural bubbles. We may tag it as a natural soda. It also prevents cancer, diabetes, inflammations and such when it goes through our digestive system. This is a very personal project by Jesus Zamorano, who quit everything to make his dream come true … It sounds familiar. We have created this kombucha inspired by the Little John pro-ject, which evolves around fast good taken to its highest peak.
4,00€ (copa)

Cider The Forbidden Cider Cider The Forbidden Cider

The Forbidden Red and Green Apples is an unapologetic cider. Its refreshing character, light acidity and sweet finish stand out. A daring proposal for the day to day.
The best apples are carefully selected and pressed to make natural apple juice. It is then fermented with selected yeast to achieve the alcoholic strength, the aromas and the right carbon content of La Prohibida.
Red and green apples selected at their right point of ripeness; selected yeast special cider.




Mahou. 2,00€
Stella Artois. 3,00€
Mahou IPA. 3,20€
Mahou 00 Tostada. 2,00€
Alhambra Especial SIN. 2,00€
Alhambra Radler. 2,50€
Alhambra Reserva 1925. 2,50€
Alhambra Palo Cortado. 8,00€
Alhambra Amontillado. 8,00€
Alhambra Pedro Ximenez. 8,00€
Cubanisto. 2,80€
Corona. 2,80€
Budweiser. 2,50€
Model Especial. 2,80€
Franciscaner. 4,00€
Maestra. 2,50€
Maestra Dunkel. 3,40€
Mahou Bourbon. 4,00€

refreshment & THINGS

Coca Cola. 2,20€
Coca Cola Zero. 2,20€
Coca Cola Zero Zero. 2,20€
Fanta Naranja. 2,20€
Fanta Limón. 2,20€
Nestea. 2,20€
Acuarius Limón. 2,20€
Acuarius Naranja. 2,20€
Tónica Royal Bliss. 1,60€
Agua Solán de Cabra. 1,50€
Agua Sierra Natural. 1,20€
Agua con Gas. 2,00€
Zumo de Melocotón. 1,50€
Tinto con Limón. 1,80€
Tinto con Blanca. 1,80€
Tinto con Naranja. 1,80€